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Max Taylor is an English singer songwriter and an international touring musician.


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Max Taylor is a British singer-songwriter, known as an outstanding lyricist, one of the top angelic voice artists of his age, and stands amongst the best bass players of the international stage.

Throughout his career, Max has had the opportunity to work with renowned international artists such as Groove Armada, Lily Allen, MIKA and many others. Albums, international tours and projects of all kinds, Max Taylor doesn't know how to sit still. In 2019, he launches his solo career under the pseudonym "Creepy Neighbour". After releasing an EP and an album, Taylor then refocuses on his personal life for a while, which will allow him to work on his next releases: a new artistic concept which involves telling the story of a life journey, releasing each song one after the other, like chapters . This musical series is  due for release in 2023, under his own birth name: Max Taylor.



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