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by Max Taylor

Storms on the Horizon single by Max Taylor.jpg

Storms On The Horizon

March 23rd, 2023


The first step of the journey ! It starts with the first single called "Storms On The Horizon" ! Sometimes in life we have to make decisions that we know are going to cause problems and difficulties to overcome.

This songs talks about seeing these difficulties ahead and the strain this causes because you see it coming, and you're bracing for it... The first step of a journey is the most difficult one to make because it means leaving what you already know behind, not knowing what you’ll find where you’re going.

A Really Bad Person

April 20th, 2023


For most of us, there is a stage in life where we end up wondering if we’re going in the right direction, and if we’ve taken the right path. A Really Bad Person is about accepting that one isn’t necessarily a bad person for not being what society dictates one should be. It is about getting to know yourself better by experimenting new things andpushing boundaries.

A Really Bad Person artwork Max Taylor
In Front Of me artwork.png
In Front Of me artwork Max Taylor

In Front Of Me

May 25th 2023


This track talks about clearly seeing who you are because some light has been shed. It is about finally knowing what you want, after a long period in the dark, and, when surfacing, one then starts wondering “where do we go from here?”

"I spent years wondering what it was I wanted in life. I thought the reason I couldn’t find happiness was because I hadn’t been everywhere yet, and I just needed to keep searching. But I realized, everything I needed was actually just right there, in front of me".


June 22nd, 2023


Something magic happens when your wildest dreams are put through the exchange of being turned into something real. Like the influence of life outside and the world’s surfaces or something actually making the original idea more awesome than it originally was.
I’ve learned to focus on the practical stuff because it actually helps making things way easier!

Molokai artwork Max Taylor.png
With Me And You artwork Max Taylor_edited.jpg

With Me And You

August 24th, 2023


"For a long time I would worry about lots of stuff and make problems out of nothing when there wasn’t anything even there to worry about."
With Me And You is a song about just saying what you want and finding someone who gets you, and allows you to say what you want.

This is a song thats about me and the glories of life.
It’s your duty in life to give yourself everything you need and love.

With Me And You artwork Max Taylor.png
MAX TAYLOR(2)_edited.jpg
Meet Me In Paris artwork.png

Meet Me In Paris

July 27th, 2023



"The city of love, the land of dreams, not just french dreams but dreams of all kinds! I had an incredible and life changing encounter in Paris. This song is about that encounter."
There’s something to be said about living life on the edge as opposed to firmly locking things down all the time. Meet Me In Paris is a song about building something really totally awesome by accident.
Fun is important and it is something that you can get incredibly good at doing.

To The West

October 25th, 2023

...The end of a journey is actually the beginning of another one. It is not always about the destination but about the journey itself.
Things are continually moving along and existing which is an awesome thing. Obviously a lot of things are permanent and guaranteed.

This song is about the feeling of complete wilderness unknowness one can feel when embarking on a journey, not knowing what’s gonna come up. But you have to have faith in the wilderness as it brings many gifts.
"The end of a journey is actually the beginning of something new, and that’s when you find parts of yourself.
This is why this song is released on my birthday."

To The West artwork by Max Taylor
Love and Glory Max Taylor artwork.png
Love and Glory Max Taylor artwork.png

Love And Glory

September 21st, 2023



"Feel the love people and keep rocking!At one point I forgot this song even existed but then it came back out of nowhere and it’s come out sounding awesome! Have a totally great day and a fabulous time!"

It’s a song about loving learning and having a great time and putting the vibe out there. This song tells of the beauty of loving and being loved, because we all need a friend who allows us to feel that way.

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