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To The West


I remember

When I awoke

Under the stars

The ground felt cold

The air was warm 

I was alone

But not afraid


And I could see 

Through the dawn

Before the sun

Pierced the horizon

A line of smoke

There was arising

Up ahead


I turned my gaze 

To the east

Toward the place

That I was leaving

And felt my heart by now how hard it was beating

In my chest


But here for a moment I was unsure

For I knew a life lived in hiding is something no one should endure

So I gathered my senses and headed north


Across the planes

To where my future lay undetermined

To the east the sun was riding

To start the day


And for 20 miles

I had to walk

With the sun beating its heat 

Down upon me

At half way point I felt the journey was beyond me

But I soldiered on


But a man

Cannot change his world if he can't

Understand that he must learn to think beyond a straight line

And on one's journey you can't know what you'll find

To The West

You must forever keep your trust in the wilderness

And have no fear to ask your questions

More or less

With an honest mind

Then I began to drift 

Into a dream

And so vivid were the things that I could see

That they were real to a man like me


I saw trees as tall as mountains

And ocean waves that touched the sky

And an open road pathed with gold that never ended


And when I woke up I was so sure

That I would find where I was bound I knew now was my treasure

For in my heart she was my saviour


Dah dah dah dah dah dah dah

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